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Our spectrometer is used to check the chamical composition of the metals we are working with. This helps in identifying the material of the customer part so that we can know what kind of metal we are dealing with. So we can identifying the welding procedure where repair is required, raw material to be used for manufacturing a copy of the part, or even for casting a matching material.

Raw material can also be checked to assure the correct product delivered by the supplier. Customers can also have this service as a seperate service to check their own material and received a report including all the chemical details.


As part of the quality assurance, hardness of the original and delivered part can be measured and checked with allowable range. This service can also be delivered seperatly to check customer part and obtain a report with any requested hardness units.


Our professional Mitutoyo computerized roughness tester is offered as a proof of surface quality after machining or simply to check a customer part surface roughness. A detailed report is generated in both cases including all the roughness variables that can be calculated.

Laser Alignment

Our laser alignment tool can help our customers to align any turning shafts to reduce power consumption of their machines and prolong part life.

Coating Thickness

As part of out painting service we offer upon request paint thickness by ultrasound to check the thickness of the paint on metal to guarantee the matching of work to specifications.

Metal Thickness

Since metal thickness is many industrial machinery is critical and sometimes hard to measure manually, we offer out ultrasonic metal thickess unit that can measure different types of metals thickess precisely.