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SOMP was founded in 1950 for the electrolytic refining of precious and non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and copper cathodes.

The refined metals were subsequently exported at over 999/1000.

In 1955, SOMP minted for the Lebanese Finance Ministry 5 piastres out of a magnesium / aluminum alloy and 10 piastres out of a 92/8 copper aluminum (Aluminum bronze) alloy.

In the early 60's due to the lack of reputable, precision industrial repair shops, SOMP decided to take the leadership role of becoming a reliable, quality-oriented, state of the art workshop to service the local and nearby industries. We became a close partner to many industrial clients.

With a systematic and steady modernization program, SOMP was able to realize its objective: Producing customized spare parts for different applications ON SHORT NOTICE and thus minimizing downtime for its industrial partners.