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Dynamic Balancing

SOMP provides dynamic balancing service to most rotating components such as turbochargers, rotors, fans, impellers or shafts that have high-speed rotation.

The balancing process includes rotating the component at a high speed to measure the imbalance, which is corrected by adding or removing weight form the part.

SOMP is equipped with two computerized dynamic balancing machines:

The largest machine is capable of balancing parts weighing up to 6 tons and diameters up to 3400 mm within 1 g accuracy.

The smallest machine can handle parts weight of 40 kg maximum and balancing precision down to 0.1 g.

A balancing certificate highlighting the initial and final balance readings are delivered upon completion of the job.

In addition to power saving and noise reduction, dynamically balanced parts have a predictable, reliable, and longer bearing life thus resulting in an increased performance and extended motor life.