105 Doumet Bldg., 7 Asseily St., Jdeideh Matn 1202, Lebanon
+961 1 886 234 Mon-Fri, 8am until 5pm
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Mon-Fri, 8am until 5pm
1- Job title:Machine operator
Description: The job requires:
  • Working on manual tuning machines and milling machines
  • Machining of shafts of different sizes
  • Drilling, keyways, threads, facing
  • Using of dividing head
  • Reading of engineering drawings
  • Using micrometers
  • Disassembly of machines and repair including gearboxes, large cylinder heads
  • Work with other services
2- Job title:Electrician
Description: The job requires:
  • Repair of electric motors
  • Rewinding of stator and/or rotor
  • Testing of electric motor
All jobs include:
  • Working from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Salary $ and LL + transportation + 13th month