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At SOMP we can repair boat and yacht propellers. Whatever the propeller condition is we can fin the propper way to repair it.

Most of the problems that usually show up in a propeller either because of aging or accidents.

With time, propellers will need a periodic maintenance. It should be cleaned and checked for any cracks. If cracks exist, they should be dealt with before a desaster would happen, and they usually happen during the worst condition and in the middle of the sea.

After treating the cracks, if they exist, profiling should be done to guarantee the propper function of the propeller and no vibration would show up at ant rotational spead.

Salt water is not forgiving for any type of parts. All material will eventually degrade after a prolonged time in salt water submesion. A dynamic balancing would compensate any material impalance around the propeller. Pitting is also very common and would be worse if left untreated.

Propeller Shaft

Propeller shaft can has its own problems if left unchecked. All the power from the engine to the propeller is transferred through the shaft. Any bent can cause serious vibration that will damage the brearings and will lead the propeller nut to loosen up. Also power will be lost which will decrease the efficiency.

Other problems in the shaft would be pitting. If left untreated, pitting will decrease the strength of the shaft and increase the weak points where salt water and electolysis will do more damage.

Scale can easily form on the shaft and will make cracks in the shaft hard to detect which would lead to sudden break and loss of power and sometime loss of propeller in the middle of the sea.

At SOMP, all these problems can be solved if periodic maintenance is done at our facility. We can detect what type of problem that might be creeping in on the boat shaft by various tests.

Pitting and corrosion can be eleminated by special welding and machining. Crack test would detect any cracks early enough to be manageable. Bent shaft can be profiled and straightened.